Imperial War Museum Duxford

Photographs at Duxford are difficult to make look interesting, rather than another picture of a plane. So I have tried some interesting angles.

Some planes are very happy.

World Trade Centre steel joist following the attack on 911.

The barrel of the supergun Project Babylon for Saddam Hussein which was built in Britain disguised as an “oil pipe”.

Maintenance on a P47.

The cockpit of the massive B52.

When the B52 landed at Duxford, it was the shortest landing any B52 had made and it came down hard rippling the bodywork.

Here is the video of the landing.

The Blackbird is also an impressive machine.

And here it is landing.

The B17 is being restored.

Close up of an engine.

This TSR2 is one of only 4 made, the project was scrapped and they never went in to service.

And last but not least, the English Electric Lightning F1. I wanted to get an elongated shot of the pitot tube but unfortunately it is not clear due to the other aircraft nearby.