North Weald Airfield

I took a picture of the Squadron bar (from the outside, I was driving after all) which deserved a historic look so I changed it to black and white and enhanced the sky.

I then noticed that there was two layers of cloud (let me know if you recognise the type) that looked really nice.

One Sunday afternoon I decided to pop over to North Weald airfield as the sun was setting and I had an hour or so to spare.

Looking the other direction, it was getting a little stormy.

Where the aircraft are parked, there are the old bunkers the airmen would go to iff there was an attack bu the Germans. You can still go in them and here is a power switch from inside.

The shiny nose cone of the plane above took my attention and it took a few goes to get the reflections right.

I was also lucky to talk to the pilot who explained that he was there to drop off the owners wife for afternoon tea at the Squadron. Here he is leaving, not a particularly good picture but having been to the airfield I had to get one to show.

On the way out I noticed this hanger with the repetitive patterns which i thought would make a nice photo.

The ambulance air support are based here, again not a particularly good photo but when in Rome….

Finally when I had left the airfield the sun was setting so I pulled over to take this.